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“Angel’s Yoga instruction is gifted with simplicity, encouragement & the grace of a kind heart.”

This year we are celebrating Angel Teaching Yoga for 50 consecutive years! Let her extensive teaching experience work for you!

She is the real deal!”

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108 Ways to Feel Better is a book for enlightenment!”
– Dr. Deepak Chopra, NY Times bestselling author

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I am honored to be featured in the cover article of the April issue of the Wailea & Makena Magazine on Maui which I have attached below.


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Every bite we take is a vote for cruelty or lovingkindness, devastation or sustainability, disease or health, so let’s choose wisely!

In The Soulution, Meenakshi Angel Honig rolls out a clear & compelling case to choose a plant-based diet, such as eliminating animal cruelty, ending starvation, reversing the climate crisis, preventing future pandemics, experiencing vibrant well-being & so much more!

Angel provides you with the information & inspiration that you need for implementation & transformation! She also includes her signature recipes, so making the transition is as easy as a “peace” of vegan pie! This book includes over 150 spectacular photos and is available in both black & white and in full living color!

The Soulution

~ Available in Color, Black & White & Kindle Ebook 

How Angel can support you in feeling your best and having your best to give!

Endorsements for Angel & her Products

“Meenakshi’s crystal clear & precise instruction, her graceful demonstration & soothing voice make practicing Yoga an easeful, peaceful & blissful experience.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer, New York Times bestselling author of over 40 books

“Meenakshi’s clear & peaceful presentation of Yoga, coupled with the glorious scenery of Maui, makes it so easy to feel good. I highly recommend it.”

– Dr. John Gray MD, New York Times bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

“Meenakshi’s exemplary presentation will assist you in enjoying the process of optimizing your health and well being.”

– Dean Ornish, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Reversing Heart Disease

“Meenakshi Angel is an exemplary Yoga Instructor, Wellness Consultant, Speaker and Author. I have known her for many years and we have taught retreats together. I know her to be both impeccable and to have extremely high integrity. She embodies Radiant Perpetual Positivity!”

– Mirabai Devi, Author of Samadhi‚ Essence of the Divine

“Meenakshi’s Yoga instruction is gifted with simplicity, encouragement & the grace of a kind heart.”

– Alan Cohen, Bestselling author of A Deep Breath of Life

“Certainly, it will Feel Good to learn & practice Yoga with Meenakshi.”

– Sri Swami Satchidananda, World renowned Yoga Master, Founder of Integral Yoga International

Endorsements from Global Experts & New York Times Bestselling Authors for Angel’s Books,  The Soulution & Feel Good Now

“This book is a game-changer! The Soulution brilliantly shows how our dietary choices impact every aspect of
life and offers a path to healing ourselves, the animals and our planet. Meenakshi Angel Honig’s step-by-step approach moves us from information to implementation to transformation. A beautiful book for these times!”

– Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy For No Reason & Love For No Reason

“What’s good for you is good for the planet. What’s personally sustainable is globally sustainable. In The Soulution, Meenakshi Angel Honig presents why and how.”

– Dean Ornish, M.D., New York Times bestselling author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease, Eat More, Weigh Less, Love & Survival The Spectrum, Founder & President of Preventive Medicine Research Institute, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

The Soulution, by Meenakshi Angel Honig, is an exquisite keyring filled with the shining keys that will unlock a healthier, happier future for us all. No matter which door in your mind or heart you need to be opened to a vegan way of eating and living, The Soulution will turn the lock. Are you concerned about your own health? Do you care about the suffering of animals? Do you want to protect the Earth from ruination? How about a livable future for our children? In this remarkable, readable and resource-filled book, Meenakshi takes on the thorniest of issues and tackles the most obstinate of objections commonly used to justify meat-eating – and she melts them away with logic and love to guide us to a future of sustainability and compassion. Matching every “why to do it” with a “how to do it,” The Soulution is as practical as it is inspiring – a perfect guide for our time. Accept the gift that is this book, take its message into your heart and watch your life become part of The Soulution.”

– Michael Klaper, M.D., Author of Vegan Nutrition: Pure & Simple & Director of Moving Medicine Forward Initiative

The Soulution is an important new book with a timely message. As climate destruction looms over our futures, everyone in the modern world today must be aware that what they eat does not just control their own health destiny, but the health and future of our planet. Those who are working tirelessly to benefit our planet are the heroes of today. You must be part of The Soulution.”

– Joel Fuhrman, M.D., 7-time #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat for Life & President of Nutritional Research Foundation

“In The Solution, Meenakshi Angel Honig offers a clear and compelling case for choosing a plant-based diet for your wellbeing, for lovingkindness to all animals, and for the very survival of life on Earth. Angel also includes her signature recipes to make the transition as easy as a ‘peace’ of vegan cake.”

– John Robbins, Bestselling author of Diet for a New America & President of The Food Revolution Network

“I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It can help those new to a plant-centered diet, as well as those who are already aware of its benefits. Written with unique clarity and accessibility, it is a book that can not only help in health and healing, but as an inspiration to the remarkable importance of the emerging science of lifestyle medicine.”

– Sandra Amrita McLanahan, M.D., Co-author of Surgery & Its Alternatives,  Dr. YogaAfter Cancer Care & Take a Deep Breath

“Angel’s book provides you with the compelling why and how to choose a plant-based diet and lifestyle. It includes; mind set, Angel’s signature recipes, resources, a well laid out practical plan for how to make a graceful transition, naturally arrive at your ideal weight, age gracefully, choose cruelty free makeup and household products and so much more! If you want to experience vibrant health, radiant beauty and inner peace at any age, this book is your Soulution!

– Mark Taylor, M.D.

“We are all acutely aware that we’re living in a time of unparalleled challenges, and so it is eminently inspiring to read and absorb this new book by Angel Honig that sheds much-needed light on the roots of the problems we are facing. She illuminates ten hidden and far-reaching consequences of the living core of our culture, which is animal agriculture, and clearly elucidates the remarkable practical benefits of questioning the prevailing food narrative. A special bonus in this book is her elegant and enticingly simple and straightforward way of preparing meals that are nutritious, delicious, and that radiate healing energy not just into our bodies, but into our world as well, on every level. You’ll want to buy two; one to read and keep close, and one to give to a valued friend.”

– Will Tuttle, Ph.D., Bestselling author of The World Peace Diet,  former Zen monk, inspirational speaker & musician

“If you want healing, vitality and light-filled Qi, (aka chi and prana) flowing through your body and heartmind and you want to have a powerful healing impact on the environment, animals and all of humanity, following the guidance in Meenakshi Angel Honig’s new book is your Soulution!”

– Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD., Bestselling author of The Healer Within, The Healing Promise of Qi, Founder of Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi & The Healer Within Foundation

“This book is a MUST READ for anyone wanting to raise their vibration, adopt an even juicier plant-based lifestyle, and soar to great heights of health & vitality!”

– Sage Lavine, #1 Bestselling Hay House author of Women Rocking Business

The Soulution, by Meenakshi Angel Honig, is a book of encouragement. This beautifully written book could not have come at better time in our lives. It provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in attaining optimal health, protecting animals and saving the environment. If you need a push to become vegan, this ought to do it!”

– Laurelee Blanchard, Author of Finding Paradise & President of Leilani Farm Sanctuary

The Soulution is a thorough, intelligent, compelling, heartfelt, and stirring illumination and celebration of how to upgrade the quality of our lives and the life of the planet by returning to a natural, plant-based diet. Through many powerful examples and personal testimonials, Meenakshi Angel Honig shows us not just why lightening our diet will help us, but how to achieve it. Anyone reading this gem of a book will be inspired to take the best possible care of yourself while compassionately sharing our world with other living beings. Thank you, Meenakshi, for your courageous and uplifting contribution!”

– Alan Cohen, Award-winning author of A Deep Breath of Life

“Whether you’re ready to choose a completely plant-based diet or not, this book lays out a clear step-by-step plan to making healthier food choices. Meenakshi Angel Honig is a master of wholesome nutrition and offers solid, sound advice that is both good for you, for those you love, and for our planet too.”

– Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of Calling in “The One” Conscious Uncoupling

The Soulution is a comprehensive, inspiring and illuminating wakeup call! Meenakshi Angel Honig provides us with the intelligent and irrefutable why and the easy how to choose a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle. Through her book, your critical thinking left brain, your practical self, your body, your heart and your intuitive Soul’s knowing will be activated and engaged. Angel inspires us to make conscious and loving choices that support our health, the animals and our environment. Deepest gratitude to Angel for distilling this vast topic and connecting the dots to provide us with the knowledge, extraordinary resources and step-by-step plan to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle easy, delicious and doable! I bow to Angel for taking a powerful stand for animal advocacy and for her lifelong dedication to benevolence and to the liberation of all beings.”

– Rebecca McLean, Founder of The Circle of Life Coach Institute, Cofounder of The Healer Within Foundation Health Action, Inc., Master Board-Certified Life Coach, Certified Qigong & Mindfulness Teacher

“This book brings answers to the soul—how to heal the soul of the planet, respect the souls of the animals and bring peace and joy to your own soul. Meenakshi Angel Honig identifies and provides the Soulution to what is plaguing our world today. In an era of pandemics, the cure is spelled out clearly and succinctly in The Soulution.’’

– Julie Stuehser, International Diplomat of Light

“Lovingkindness is at the core of Angel’s impassioned plea for a vegan diet. Her message is timely at this moment when our planet is riddled with pandemic and peril. Her message is one of hope for humans, for animals, and for our beloved Mother Earth. Often people try to wiggle out of making hard dietary choices, coming up with a myriad of excuses as to why it just won’t work. Angel highlights these common alibis and counters them with reasoned and compassionate replies. In this way, she highlights misconceptions that may stand in the way of a person struggling with how to move forward on the path to becoming a vegan. Angel includes recipes and tips on how to make the transition to a vegan diet both manageable and joyful!”

– Jiya Kowarsky, Author of River of Joy

“Meenakshi Angel Honig has poured her heart, soul and life-long devotion to a Yogic lifestyle–embracing veganism and being a voice for the animals and the environment– into this most compelling and provocative contribution to humanity. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in upgrading the quality of their health and vitality, and contributing to a kinder, gentler, more sustainable world. Thank you, Angel, for the tireless dedication, care and compassion that you spread to the world through your important & masterfully sculpted message. There couldn’t be a more important time to share this wisdom with the world than now!”

– Ashanna Solaris, Co-founder & Pioneer of Clarity Breathwork

“At our dinner table, as our mother took off the steaming lid covering the roasted Thanksgiving turkey, Angel at age 9 yelled out “Eeeewww that is a dead bird, I am not going to eat that!” On that day, because of her love for animals, Angel became a vegetarian. This was a very courageous move considering that we didn’t know even one other vegetarian at that time. Over the years, Angel has helped thousands of people, including our entire family, transition to plant-based nutrition. Angel is a leading proponent of human, animal and environmental wellbeing. She hosts seminars, retreats, classes and personal counseling sessions helping humanity embrace plant-based nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. She has written a plethora of articles, pamphlets and books on vegan nutrition, including her opus magnum, a nearly 600 page book entitled, Feel Good Now ~ How to Feel Your Best & Have Your Best to Give. Angel’s newest masterpiece, The Soulution, combines her years of research and expertise as a certified Yoga Instructor and Wellbeing Consultant into one book. This landmark book lays out the facts that are undeniable. Anyone reading this book will be touched by its clarity and inspired to embrace a vegan lifestyle that is compassionate to all beings.”

– Fredrick Swaroop Honig, Author of The Scientific Proof of God: Unified Field Theory Revealed

“These times of great change across the globe invite us all to re-assess our lifestyle choices, both for our personal wellbeing and also for the wellbeing of our planet.
The Soulution is a powerful and yet accessible guide to transforming your health, the wellbeing of animals and our planet, by embracing a plant-based diet. Written from the heart by a vibrant vegan and illuminated Yogini, this book is sure to educate and inspire you, and ultimately support you to embody your own deepest values in this world.”

– Miranda Macpherson, International Spiritual Teacher & bestselling author of The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation

“Meenakshi Angel Honig is a loud, clear and compassionate voice for the animals, for human health and for the very survival of our precious planet Earth. Because she fully embodies what she is sharing in The Soulution, the words on these pages are not mere words but rather this book is a transmission that will catalyze a transformation in your thinking, your dietary choices, your health, the evolution of your Soul and the ripple effect of benevolence to all beings and forms of life!”

– Sarah Taylor, Bestselling author of Vegan in 30 Days & Vegetarian to Vegan

“If you are concerned about preventing future pandemics, reversing the climate crisis, eliminating starvation, ending animal cruelty and improving your health, this exemplary book is your Soulution! Meenakshi Angel Honig has created a golden bridge to living the golden rule and ushering in a Golden Age!”

– Mirabai Devi, Author of Samadhi: Essence of the Divine, International Spiritual Teacher & Founder of the Mirabai Devi Foundation

“Meenakshi’s new book is truly an outpouring of her heart’s love and an expression of her life’s mission. Even as a young girl, she took what was a bold step back then, and gave up eating meat. Her dedication to the protection of all life and to the practice of ahimsa, non-violence, comes from her very soul. I have no doubt that her earnest and pure voice to free all beings from suffering will reach the heavens and draw divine blessings on us all.”

– Swami Karunananda, Bestselling author of Awakening: Aspiration to Realization Through Integral Yoga & highly acclaimed Senior Teacher of Integral Yoga International 

Thank you for all of your efforts in creating this brilliant contribution — many thousands, millions & billions of hearts will be touched, lives saved and benefited!

– Will Tuttle, Ph.D., Bestselling author of The World Peace Diet, former Zen monk, inspirational speaker & musician

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The Soulution

(Available in Color, Black & White & Kindle Ebook)

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Feel Good Now is one of the most significant books written during this time, because Meenakshi Angel Honig exquisitely distills ancient and modern wisdom into practical steps for personal and global transformation. Every page is a jewel. Partake of its treasures, and you will feel your best and have your best to give!”
– Marci Schimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy For No Reason and Love For No Reason

“As we see increasing numbers of people questioning the official stories of western culture, we’re benefitting from the ancient yogic wisdom traditions of the East. Feel Good Now is a beautiful expression of Angel Honig’s liberating insights born of awakening to a higher understanding of healthy and compassionate living. Her vital perspective on the implications of our food choices is especially refreshing and significant. This book is a precious gift to our world, and would make a terrific gift for virtually anyone. Highly recommended!”
– Will Tuttle, Ph.D, bestselling author of The World Peace Diet

“Angel has always been one of the healthiest people I know–physically, emotionally and spiritually. We finally have all her secrets available in Feel Good Now. This is the best wellness book I have read, taking into account not just diet and exercise, but all of the many important factors that also contribute to emotional and spiritual health!”
– Sarah Taylor, bestselling author of Vegan In 30 Days and Vegetarian to Vegan

“It is with great joy that I welcome the release of Feel Good Now by my beloved friend, Meenakshi Angel Honig. I have known Meenakshi since she took her first Yoga class over forty years ago at the Berkeley, CA Integral Yoga Institute and have watched her become an impeccable and compassionate teacher of Yoga, a skillful guide to so many people seeking greater health, happiness and inner fulfillment. In this beautiful book, she shares her spiritual journey and the wisdom she has gleaned from a lifetime of study, practice and integrating the teachings into her daily life. Her teaching comes with the authenticity of personal experience and is imbued with her spirit of devotion, dedication and loving-kindness. The most profound philosophy is distilled to its essence and techniques are presented in such a clear, direct manner that one feels equipped and empowered to practice, confident in the positive benefits that will ensue. For all those who wish to Feel Good Now, this book will serve as a treasure of inspiration, instruction and guidance.”
– Swami Karunananda, author of Awakening and Master Teacher of Integral Yoga

“I am a graduate of Angel’s Yoga Teacher Certification Course. My life was transformed by her depth of knowledge, innate wisdom and genuine coaching support on many deep levels way beyond Yoga postures. This book is a moving, loving meditation of her knowledge, dedication and understanding of Yoga and life. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of taking the journey within these pages because your life will be transformed on the wings of Grace!”
– Brook Le’amohala, author of Incredibly Delicious Recipes for a New Paradigm and Body Temple Gourmet

“What I love about this gorgeous book is that it embodies its message. Every page exudes an exquisite vibration of light and love… even the ones where Angel implores us to end cruelty to our animal friends. You will experience a powerful transformation just by turning its pages and absorbing the heart-opening energy. Angel’s deeply profound and easy-to-implement recipe for radiant well-being includes everything from diet and exercise to honoring the cycles of life; from making your home a temple to communing with the Divine! And her personal stories could be their own engaging novel!”
– Debra Poneman, bestselling author, founder of Yes to Success Seminars and co-founder of Your Year of Miracles

Feel Good Now is truly a master-peace with countless treasures, that will literally transform your life! It is the distilled nectar of Angel’s over 40 years of study, devotion, practice, teaching and embodiment of Divine Benevolence and Spiritual Truths. Feel Good Now is a modern day Bhagavad Gita! It is a quintessential guidebook and golden passport into making the rest of your life, the best of your life!”
– Rebecca McLean, author of The Circle of Life Mind-Body Health and Wellness Coaching System

“This is an in depth study of how to lead a very spiritual and healthy life and be very happy in the process. The tools Angel provides come from her extensive knowledge and experience and should be a must read for anybody seeking personal growth and a higher level of achievement. I strongly recommend it.”
– Joseph Sugarman, bestselling author of Triggers

“If I’d not met Angel, I might doubt that such a pure, light-hearted, joyful and deeply kind being existed. Her sensitivities and awake-ness to the subtle energies of healing are unparalleled and could only have come to her through thousands of hours of meditation, yoga, service and devotion. I feel honored to know her and happy to recommend this beautiful offering to support your happiness, health and wellbeing. This extraordinary woman walks her talk and knows of which she speaks. The book has a transmission and I am sure that simply having it near you will begin to lift your spirits, heal your heart and inspire you to make wiser, more life-affirming choices.”
– Katherine Woodward Thomas, NY Times bestselling author of Calling in “The One”

Angel demonstrating Flying Yoga

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