Clear Your Life Inner & Outer Well Being

This Program provides practical tools & inspiration
for clearing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & material clutter!

  • Is your home filled with clutter?
  • Is your body temple overweight, achy or stiff?
  • Is your mind scattered?
  • Is your emotional body holding on to grievances?

Well, then this Program is perfect for you!

You will learn effective methods for~

  • Getting rid of clutter in your home & work environment
  • Enjoyable ways to lighten up your body temple including Hatha Yoga, toning exercises & the 7 Guidelines for optimum high vitality nutrition
  • How to focus your mind with meditation & cognitive reframing
  • How to free your emotional body with compassion & forgiveness

You will learn how to experience an inner feeling of wellbeing & then create an outer life that harmonizes with your inner garden of wellbeing!

This Program is available for private sessions‚ workshops and personalized retreats

For further information please contact Angel

Or call 808-573-1414