7 Easy Steps to a Healthy Back, Toned Abs & Strong Core DVD


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These 7, easy to implement, practices work together synergistically to align‚ tone & strengthen your back & abs‚ giving you a stronger core.

With improved core strength you can ~

  • Move with greater ease & comfort through your everyday life
  • Perform better in all physical activities
  • Become less vulnerable to back disorders

This DVD includes a thorough guided deep relaxation to release tension & stress‚ graced with the enchanting music of Mia Glattauer.

“Meenakshi Angel is a radiant embodiment of what she is presenting in this DVD. Her exemplary teaching‚ graceful demonstration & soothing voice makes it so easy and pleasurable to implement this highly effective Program. By devoting a few minutes a day to doing this program you will feel better & look better‚ too!”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer, New York Times bestselling author of over 40 books


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