The Soulution


Available in Color, Black & White & Kindle Ebook

Every bite we take is a vote for cruelty or lovingkindness, devastation or sustainability, disease or health, so choose wisely!

In The Soulution, Meenakshi Angel Honig rolls out a clear & compelling case to choose a plant-based diet, such as eliminating animal cruelty, ending starvation, reversing the climate crisis, preventing future pandemics, experiencing vibrant wellbeing & so much more! Angel provides you with the information & inspiration that you need for implementation & transformation! She also includes her signature recipes, so making the transition is as easy as a “peace” of vegan pie! This book is a MUST READ for every Soul on planet Earth!

10 compelling reasons to choose a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

The Why and the How

  • Be vibrantly healthy
  • Prevent future pandemics
  • Reverse the climate crisis
  • Eliminate starvation
  • Lovingkindness to all animals
  • Elevate your consciousness
  • Enjoy signature recipes

Available  in color or black and white.